Zombie Disco Squad – Righteous Sound (Daniel Dexter Remix)


My Remix for “Zombie Disco Sqad – Righteous Sound” was in the playlists and charts of DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, DJ T, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Troy Pierce, Re.You, H.O.S.H., Ian Pooley…

Zombie Disco Squad return with a remix package that can only be described as incendiary. A hand picked selection of the finest production talent have tooled up and taken on a selection of tracks from Zombie Disco Squad’s debut album ‘Brains’. First up is ‘Righteous Sound’, the collaboration with Omar as well as new interpretations of ‘Twerk’, featuring DJ Funk and an ode to a night out in San Antonio ‘Ibiza Hooligan’.

First in to the battle is Monkey Safari; the boys from Germany rework ‘Be Down’ from a party shuffler to deep house bubbler. Bringing the hi-hits and vocals to the fore the track becomes more back room than big room, skilfully soulful whilst still likely to cause a compound fracture of your kneecaps. If you haven’t heard of Dirty Bird affiliate Shadow Child, then it’s clearly you that that has been kept in the dark. Stepping into the light, Shadow Child’s remix of ‘Ibiza Hooligan’ ramps up all the best parts of the original with bone shaking bass lines and key stabs in the best possible way.

The third remix comes courtesy of Daniel Dexter, morphing the soulfulness of the ‘Righteous Sound’ original into a straight up house groove, a touch of acid and a deeper than deep bass line all underpinned by Daniel’s self professed love of Chicago house, it’s one for the heads. The second remix of ‘Ibiza Hooligan’ is from Anglo-American lads the Wildkats and it’s a total eighties child albeit one living in the year 2012. It’s a synth-laden, bass line rolling party track. Whilst on the subject of party tracks Mercury’s remix of ‘Goodnight’ will also be found in all it’s jump up keyboard and cut up vocal glory on a hands in the air (rather than heads down) based dance floor very soon.

The last two remixes are Sascha Robotti’s version of ‘Twerk’ and the Beatport Remix
Competition winner Nick Sabin’s remix of ‘Righteous Sound’. Whilst Sasha’s remix is anadrenaline filled modern house belter that promises to help give you exactly what the name of the name of the track implies, Nick Sabin ‘s mix is an unlikely fusion of progressive house and garage and manages to make the two seemingly disparate genres have an arm wrestle with neither ending up the loser.

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