Daniel Dexter “Storm” PFR 129 – out on 07/05/2012

Berlin based Daniel Dexter is part of the new breed of producers showing us why there‘s still mileage in the good old house groove. His cultu- red, expressive productions have the mark of a true talent and Mr. Dexter has only just begun…!

The acid-revival lives on – `Storm‘ is a heavy, late night tale of sax, e-piano and stomping synth basslines. Growing from a filtered intro, its song like structure drives us into true reckless abandon – perfect for the darker moments of the night, but still oozy with funk and soul.

The thick, percussive opening bars of `There Will Be Jazz‘ lead to a focus on one of Dexter‘s cho- sen weapons – more jazzy saxophone samples and synthesized strings lift us into a musical cre- scendo of tension, yet there‘s a laid back, New York vibe to the track, which will no doubt get plenty of plays this summer.

The mysterious `Murder‘ is a darker affair, shrou- ded in rave-era stabs and a real pushing vibe. Its clear that Daniel is a dextrous (no pun intended) producer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve… This is confirmed with digital bonus track ‚Sirens‘, a fully-fledged electronic voyage full of melodic strings, blossoming, Detroit-inspired builds and playful programming.


2012 – Produced by Daniel Dexter

There Will Be Jazz
2012 – Produced by Daniel Dexter

2012 – Produced by Daniel Dexter

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