My New EP “Chicago’s Flower & Cherry Blossom” Out Soon on Semester Musik


EP Teaser : Semester Musik 002

What does Chicago, Berlin and Nuremberg have in common? First of all nothing, right? But astoundingly it’s Chicago what comes to one’s mind when listening to the brand new Semester Musik 002, which is produced by Berlin based DJ & Producer Daniel Dexter.
Polished classic house with chords that seem to come directly from the synth in an old warehouse. The full circle of the label comes together in Nuremberg! Traditions sometimeshave to be continued at uncommon places for something new to emerge. The essence stays the same but the flame is passed along.

CLOÉ (Kill the DJ) :”Thanks a lot, very nice EP. Like very much Cherry Blossom, it has a super nice vibe.”
SIS (Crosstown Rebels) :”Cherry Blossom Original is very cool, thanks, will support!”
STEVE BUG (Poker Flat ) :”Cherry Blossom original and Martin Dawson remix are great!!”
CATZ N DOGZ (Get Physical) :”Already played and charted Martin Dawson remix. Love it!”
GORGE (8Bit) :”Supernice ep or spring and summer time, thanks. Zander my fav.”
UNER (Diynamic) :”Nice package.. Fritz Zander and Dawson remixes my favs here!! Big support!”
TRICKSKI (Suol) :”Fritz Zander’s remix is the bomb. The whole package is pretty damn hot though…”

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